Friday, 31 December 2010

The Best of Porn 2010

In no particular order:

Alex Slater--this performer is rarely spoken of or publicized on blogs, but he’s a furry chested marvel. I never get tired of watching him. He always performs as if he’s into it. His performances turn me on, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s so damn yummy.

Donny Wright--discovered him recently. He’s adorable and sexy and seems so humble. He has a fantastic body, but he never acts as if he knows it. That makes him hotter.

Spencer Reed--This man just oozes sex, and he’s probably the performer I’ve jacked off to the most. His Dominic Ford scene with Jake Steel is one of my all time favorites. He knows how to give a great performance.

Conner Habib--Another performer who instinctively knows what makes gay porn work. He’s furry, beautiful, and very intelligent. His blog is witty and thoughtful, and it puts mine to shame. He also manages to get his opinion across in a non-confrontational way which I admire since I’m rarely evenhanded. He’s also someone I make sure to check on Twitter because he is always entertaining and he offers the best books and films to read/watch.

Dominic Ford and CocksureMEn: the sites I frequented the most. All sites have good and bad scenes, but these two sites consistently strive to provide great gay sex scenes. They’re innovative, customer friendly, and they bring out the best in the performers. The Alessio Romero/Conner Habib CocksureMen scene is incredible. Simply one of the best scenes ever produced. Conner Habib has a fantastic scene with Chris Porter on DF, but I’d also recommend the scenes with Colby Keller, Spencer Reed, and Brad Star who DF helped me develop a crush on.

Devon Hunter: for his beauty inside and out; for his honesty and for having an amazing ass.

Tucker Scott:adorable, true to himself, a first rate performer, and someone who makes gp a better place.

Colby Keller: he has the most incredible blog; he’s drop dead sexy, and he’s another underrated performer.

Jeremy Bilding: Yes, he’s gorgeous, but he’s also thoughtful, entertaining, witty, and he has been extremely kind to me offline/online the past year. Not only that, but his rimming scene with Vance Winter is one of my all time favorites. He also makes his scene partners spontaneously cum which is a great trait to have in gay porn.

Jasun Mark and John Tegan: for their patience and for their understanding, but also for doing their damndest to bring the sexy and funny to gay porn.

Steve Cruz and Steve Bond: simply because they’re furry and gorgeous and I lust after both of them.

Jimmy Clay: don’t know what it is about this guy, but he gets me going.

Brandon Lewis: for a man that advertised himself as straight when he first arrived, he performs every gp scene with gusto. He never disappoints, and he does it with a great smile on his face.

Austin Wilde: beautiful just beautiful. Enough said.

Bret Wolfe: retired from porn, but still had to include him because I can’t imagine not putting him on a best of list.

Robert Chandler: Who hasn’t developed a further appreciation for foreskin since he came on the scene? Another gay friendly director/website owner. He also showed grace under pressure.

Pornobobbie: the biggest heart in the gay porn socialite world and someone you want to have as a friend.

Drew Cutler: I knew of him for non-porn reasons, but I’ve grown to like his scenes, and I like the interest he shows in his scene partners.

Alessio Romero:such a great role model for gay men. He shows sobriety can be sexy and he gives his all in every scene. He’s a sex machine & I can never get enough of him.

Collin O’Neal: offers great sex scenes between gay men. He’s a man who supports gay performers as well as his gay fans.

I have more Best of, but real life is calling so more best of later..

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Worst in Gay Porn 2010

1.Worst Film of the Year: Steven Daigle: Stalked. One of the most unsexy & poorly directed films I’ve seen. The film has no pacing, no build up of any sexual tension. The director would cut away from performers in the middle of sex scenes so that performers could not build up any sexual chemistry with their partner(s). The thought seemed to be “let’s throw a bunch of men in a room and I’ll just aim the camera at various spots in the room.” When a director is constantly cutting away from Tommy Defendi, the director should not be working in porn. Defendi ALWAYS delivers when given a chance. During Defendi’s scene (which is interspersed with a group scene), there is fake porn screaming. Whether it's Defendi or someone else is hard to tell.This movie was cringe inducing for all the missed opportunities. Leo Giamani is always a dud, but Tommy Defendi, Adam Killian, and Alessio Romero deserved better than being trapped in this unsexy mess of a movie. (Lest anyone think I selected this out of spite, I provide a link to just one of my comments I wrote months before any twitter drama I engaged in:

2.Worst Online Company: Randy Blue. Randy Blue is the online equivalent of Stalked. They have many attractive performers, but their sex scenes are joyless, sexless, mechanical, and I’m convinced that the people filming the scenes must be straight despite reports to the contrary because I’ve never once watched a Randy Blue scene and felt the director knew anything about gay sex. Compare a performer’s Randy Blue scenes to the scenes he does once he leaves, the difference is stunning. This is the company that continues to employ Malachi Marx after all the anti-gay sex comments he made. If I were a gay business that caters to gay men, no employee would remain employed after making comments like Marx did. Shows the contempt Randy Blue has for its subscribers.

3. Worst Trend in porn: the hypocrisy of labels. We’re constantly told that labels don’t matter, but that’s such a lie. Gay porn thrives on labels. If labels do not matter, why not just have the gp actors perform in a scene without labelling their sexuality? I’ve seen sites where the sexuality of the performers was not highlighted, and the scene did not lose one ounce of sexiness. Instead, the straight man must be identified, straight men must pretend to be bi, and if a performer is gay, the description of the scene must indicate how brave/open-minded the straight or bi performer is for engaging in GAY SEX. Logically, one might question how “openminded” a bisexual needs to be to have gay sex, but I’ve lost count this year of the number of times a “bi” performer has been applauded for sucking cock, rimming, and having gay sex. I never gave bisexuality much thought before I started watching gay porn since I prefer my men gay, but now I never believe a performer who says he’s bisexual, because gay porn has used “bi” so dishonestly, and most of the time, the bi performer shows little interest in gay sex in his gp scenes. For the best answer on why you shouldn’t label, look up John Magnum’s interview with Jasun Mark. His answer is the only I’ve heard that makes sense.

4. Worst Trend 2: the hypocritical attitude towards barebacking: EVERYONE in gay porn has profited from barebacking. Nearly Everyone has been paid to do a scene with someone who’s barebacked. Nearly every studio has hired a performer who has barebacked. Most online studios/personal websites receive ad revenue from bareback sites including those sites who claim to be anti-barebacking. Everyone has participated in an awards show where they knew BEFOREHAND that there were awards for bareback films and performers. And there’s some bizarre notion that unprotected sex with women in straight scenes is not barebacking. It is barebacking. For the record, my issue is not with barebacking. It’s with the hypocritical tut tutting that goes on. Don’t take a holier than thou approach when you’re profiting from the very thing you publicly disdain.

5. Worst Trend 3: Pussy talk. For a while, some online sites would begin their gay porn scenes by having the performers talk about how much they love pussy. The “straightness” of the performers had to be emphasized at all costs. Sean Cody was the major player in this. For a while, every scene had to open with the performers talking about girlfriends & pussy. Viewers were completely turned off (something a performer admitted in a SC scene), but it was Devon Hunter’s expose on Sean Cody that ended this. Now, it’s a Where’s Waldo? activity to find any definitive statements about a performer’s sexuality especially if he’s straight. Strangely, people are finding the scenes hotter and more viewers are reacting positively to the changes.

6. non-rimming: If you’re going to set up a scene so that rimming is going to happen, make sure rimming DOES HAPPEN. The fake blowing on the ass or kissing the ass cheeks is not rimming. It’s fucking annoying to watch. Your performer doesn’t want to rim? Don’t hire him! Stop hiring performers who don’t want to have gay sex! Suite 703, you need to learn what rimming is because so many of your rimming scenes are so fake. Alexsander Freitas is a beautiful man, but I’ve lost count of the number of fake rimming scenes I’ve seen him in. Maybe, he’s improved. I don’t know. His fake rimming scenes were so comical I could no longer take him seriously as a performer.

7. Bait Bus: this site has the potential to do something truly subversive, but by using a word like “faggot” in your fantasy set up, you ground the scene in reality. The scene becomes less about a “straight” man learning the joys of gay sex. It becomes about the use of the word. I know there will be those who say that “faggot” is important to the scene, but if this is a fantasy scene, why the need for realism? The scene can exist without the word, and back in the spring, those who run and promote the site admitted they would never use the word “nigger” in any of their scenes” so why the double standard?

8.The swallowing up of porn studios so that you’re going to have more cookie cutter porn. A shame that people in porn didn’t watch TCM’s documentary on the collapse of the classic film studio system. They might have learned something. That NextDoorStudios is this powerful is a bad day for gay porn.

9.Performers who lash out at fans who criticize their work or have an opinion about gay porn (criticize not attack--there’s a difference), but then take to twitter, and bad mouth scene partners for over a year, fellow porn performers, attack mainstream actors/films, singers, writers, etc. all while saying how they don’t like “negative people.” I suggest these people invest in mirrors

10. Samuel O’Toole: Pains me to put him on here because I think he has potential.  He also seems like a very nice guy, but his gay porn scenes have been mediocre at best. His popularity certainly was not because of his work. It was mainly because he was seen as a straight guy with a big dick. He even took to twitter to explain why his first scene was so bad. He was irritated that people thought he was g4p based on his first scene. For someone who claims to be bi, you wouldn’t know it from any of his scenes. He looks so confused in most of his Next Door scenes, and despite his winning personality, nothing connects. His scene on Cocksuremen was a major improvement, and he stayed hard for most of it, and I hoped that it would take him in a different direction, but his scenes for NExt Door have not worked. Based on most of his work, I don’t buy him as bi; don’t think he’s truly interested in gay sex and I don’t have much hope now that’s he contracted with Next Door. I hope Samuel O’Toole can be made into a good performer. He’s certainly not the worst, but he’s the most disappointing because he offers the promise of a great gay porn performer that you don’t see with Girth Brooks, Alexsander Freitas, Trystan Bull, Vince Jones, Jason Adonis, Reese Rideout, Berke Banks, etc.

11. My final worst of is to the studios: stop hiring performers who don’t want to have gay sex, don’t want to rim, don’t want to kiss, don’t want to suck, don’t want to do anything but watch straight porn off to the side and get their paychecks. Stop insulting your fans. Stop diluting gay porn with these fools. Anyone who can not meet the requirements of doing a first rate gay porn scene should not be hired. It’s not “just sex” as some would have us believe. It’s gay sex, and gay men know the difference between passionate gay fucking and the mechanical anti-gay sex that so many studios put out these days.