Monday, 22 June 2009

Don't want to blog.

Movies I have out from Netflix: QUIET CITY, MAN PUSH CART, THE STRANGE ONE, ZABRISKIE POINT, and STEELYARD BLUES. I wish I did better at watching and returning. It feels like homework sometimes when I have to watch a film and then return it.

I have way too much coffee. I'm a member of the Boca Java club, and I always forget to postpone shipments. At last count, I had fifty individual bags of coffee. I'm now drinking vacation vanilla--decaf of course since regular coffee makes me jump out of my skin.

Don't know if I like this blogging thing. It also feels like doing homework.

Currently reading: works by Margaret Cavendish and Susanna Centlivre. I bought a book about the Greek People and Greek love. My eros and love Professor would be thrilled. He was always disappointed that I went in for British Literature.

I'm done. I'm even boring myself. Next time, I should be more enthused.

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