Sunday, 2 May 2010

Interviewing Myself Part I

Q. Why have you been having such a slutty Spring?
A: I’ve been a serial monogamist. I’ve had hookups, but they’re not usually my thing. Lately, I’ve been in a slutty phase. I’m turned on by anything with dark hair and dark eyes and even some guys who aren’t dark haired. I’m not one for anonymous hook-ups. I find them unsafe in a number of ways. I also need some sort of connection between the person and me. If there’s not, I could save the traveling or the money and fuck myself at home.

Q: Do you think bisexuality exists?
A:There’s porn bisexuality and there’s actual bisexuality. Most studies done have indicated that bisexuality is very rare. Honestly, I don’t care. I don’t think about bisexuality much except when people claim that all of us are a little bisexual which is completely false. I would never date a bisexual. If you’re into women, you’re not for me.

Q:Do you hate bisexuals?
A:I don’t hate bisexuals. I simply am not interested in getting involved with one. I have a certain type. Gay, dark-haired and dark-eyed.

Q:Would you ever have sex with a woman?
A:Interviewer, would you ever ask a straight man if he’d have sex with a man? Does the straight porn press obsess about its male performers having sex with men? Do straight male performers get asked repeatedly if they’d have sex with men? If the answers are yes, I’ll answer this.

Q:You must really hate women if you aren’t turned on by straight porn or by gay porn stars doing straight scenes!
A:LOL. You do realize what being gay means, right? Some of us gays like being gay. And since I PAY for ALL of my porn, I can be turned on by/and turned off by anything I want.

Q. Have you thought about doing porn?
A: I have. I’ve thought seriously about it, but I don’t think it’s for me. I would only do porn that was gay positive. I would not do a scene with a straight or bisexual man (and that’s because the bisexual has usually done a bi or straight scene). I would not work for a company that promotes straights as their exclusives. I would not work for any company that allows a straight man to do nothing in a scene while the gay actor does everything. Basically, that leaves me little to no options in gay porn.

Q:Why do you have a problem with straight men and bisexual men?
A:It’s not about having problems with straights or bisexuals. It’s about wanting to support gays and positive portrayals of gay sex in porn. I find it so interesting that wanting something to be by gays and for gays scares the hell out of some people. And by some people, I mean gay men. Almost every negative comment I’ve had about wanting my porn to be by and for gays only has been from other gay men. So many gay men have a real problem with anything gay. They’ll put it down, mock it, insult it, but speak lovingly about straight performers or straight scenes. I find it disturbing.

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