Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Short but sweet

Do you follow someone who fascinates you because of the daily changes in his personality and attitudes? There are a couple guys I follow simply because I’m shocked that they can get out their front door without injuring themselves. That these guys can function in the real world is astonishing to me since they don’t seem to grasp the fundamentals of daily life. I’m not criticizing them per se; I find them endearing and amusing in an observational kind of way.

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  1. Yes. Twitter started out as a way for me to promote my blog, but then it grew into it's own beast for me. Now, I see it more as a human experiment, especially for many guys and their NSFW accounts; here they are more apt to say what they really mean.

    And like you, I really don't know how some of these guys function. Some seem to have sex on the brain constantly. I tweeted once about my computer tech guy only giving me a 15-minute notice before he showed up at my house, and someone was like, "OMG YOU WERE HAVING SEX!" Others have other personality flaws that are very interesting to observe.

    But, I also like that it has humanized many of my favorite gay porn performers, and has shown me that my like of porn and the desire to know more about it and the performers in it is not abnormal.