Friday, 13 August 2010

27 questions I ponder when I'm high on ecstasy

  1. Why are so many people (including gay men) so frightened by gay men getting together? If we want to have gays only meeting or dance nights, there’s an outcry that we’re discriminating against non-gays. These very same complainers never protest all women’s night or the daily straights only clubs, but somehow, gay men gathering together is something to be feared.
  2. Why are some people so fascinated by gay men having straight sex? I find this so insulting, but I know some people get off on a gay man having sex with a woman. Not sure I want to know the reason. I’m sure it has something to do with wanting the gay men to be straight after all. Do straight men get asked if they’ve had sex with men? Are the very people encouraging gay on woman sex, encouraging straight guys to have gay sex? I highly doubt it. I’d bet money they’d never dare ask a straight porn star to have gay sex. (Once asked a gay pornblogger who encourages straight for pay if he ever encouraged straight porn stars to go gay. His response was “I could never do that. They’d get pissed off.”)
  3. Why do people on the sidewalk jump when I yell “Shark!” as I’m driving past?
  4. Why was Grease II considered a bomb? I like it so much more than the first one. I’m not usually into blondes, but Maxwell Caulfield is so hot in leather and on top of a motorcycle and who could resist “Cool Rider?”
  5. Why when I grow to really like a show, do they do something so incredibly dumb that it angers me so much that I take them off my DVR or not buy the next season set? Thinking now of NURSE JACKIE. Didn’t read the reviews or comments about the show. I went into it fresh. I grew to really appreciate this sly and thought provoking series. So what happens? They get rid of the sexy, interesting gay character and replace him with the stereotypical, effeminate (nothing wrong there, but there are ONLY two types of gay men on T.V.: the “queeny” male and the repressed and closeted man). Producers of NURSE JACKIE: You suck! Why not get rid of the obnoxious doctor or the pill pusher?
  6. Why are the very people who condemn drunk drivers (not something I condone) the very people who go through stop signs, red lights, and rush through residential streets to get to work?
  7. 8. Why is bottoming considered so weak and “feminine” by the very gay men who are scared shitless to bottom? It would seem to me that it would be a strong man who bottoms since bottoming is so frightening for a lot of gay men.
  8. 9. Why can’t I use the word, pee? I always say urinate. Or if I’m feeling exceedingly superior, I’ll say, “used the restroom.”
  9. 10. Why do I freak out when I send out a tweet that has typos or missed words. Am I the only one who deletes the tweet to send out an edited one?
  10. 11. Why do my favorites rarely win the Emmy or Oscar?
  11. 12. Why am I on the 8 out at time Netflix plan when I rarely watch one disc a day?
  12. 13. Why are my questions getting more and more trivial?
  13. 14. Why do I attract people who are very literal-minded?
  14. 15. Why do so many anonymous people on Formspring want to know the taste of my cum and want to know if my friends want to get fisted?
  15. 16. Why do adult men get so worked up about Justin Beiber? It’s creepy.
  16. 17. Why are studios still releasing films in full screen editions?


  1. 9). Nope. I do that all the time. I also delete superfluous tweets that show up when Twitter is having a temper tantrum.

  2. You misspelled "Bieber." Just saying.

  3. You are right about everything.
    Except Grease 2.

    I love you!

  4. im doing a blog post about your number 7. Rod Daily said the same thing last night and it is a great point.