Sunday, 17 April 2011


Very short blog because I’m a lazy ass:
I find labels comforting and a source of power. I don’t get it when guys say “I’m beyond labels.” What exactly does that mean? In most cases, you’re either fucking men, women, or both. I’m baffled why gay men have such a difficult time saying, “I’m gay.” I have little patience with the “no labels” guys. I know I’m in trouble when I hear that phrase. They’re either bisexuals or they are the type of gay guy who hates anything gay, only wants to hang out with straight guys, and eventually tries to go straight unsuccessfully of course since self loathers are inept at everything but finding alleys, bars, and bathrooms. I want gay men who are proud of who they are, gay men who find it liberating to use the gay label just don’t label me a separatist. I’m beyond labels.

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