Friday, 13 August 2010

19 things that make me happy.

Since I’m usually bitching and moaning about something, I thought I’d list a few non-personal things that make me happy. I will try not to include anything sexual or porn related as I tend to rant about those two subjects

  1. Going to my local arthouse to see films. I’m never happier than when the lights go down and the previews start. I go to see about 3 to 5 movies a week. I’d see more if most the films released weren’t so dreadful.
  2. Reading. Reading has always been a great pleasure of mine. I read Encyclopedia Brown, Jackie Collins, and Agatha Christie mysteries in elementary and junior high school. MY family is full of English Lit majors: my two older cousins both have their doctorates in English Lit. My cousin Christian is majoring in British Lit and my sister minored in British Lit. I’ll read most anything, and one of my pleasures is buying books. I might even like buying books more than I like reading them.
  3. John Gidding. The man is as close to perfect as possible. He’s gorgeous, intelligent, kind, funny, and I’d give anything to have a run down home that he could renovate. Curb Appeal: The Block is the thinking man’s porn. Gidding has the most beautiful hair and eyes, and I just want to feel his lips against mine.
  4. Reading people’s best of lists. I get a kick out of seeing what someone enjoys reading or watching. I use these lists to make purchases. All comes down to number 6.
  5. Making numbered lists make me happy.
  6. Shopping. Whether it’s online or in a store, I get immense pleasure from spending money. I bought groceries at the health food store today, and it made me feel so fantastic. I spent more than I intended, and my mood brightened. Acquiring things gives me joy.
  7. Watching Siskel and Ebert on YT or in their archives. Discussing movies is a real pleasure, but these two really cared about movies and they were intelligent and funny at the same time.
  8. Being in NY. Walking to the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas; walking through Times Square at 3AM is so relaxing; going to see a musical or play; taking a cab to the Angelika; the moment I get off the plane and walk into LaGuardia, I feel a sense of relief and of being home.
  9. Being in London. Same feeling of being at home. The Bfi; walking around Leicester square; visiting Jane Austen’s house; National Portrait gallery; walking past the London Eye at night, etc.
  10. Listening to Cover to Cover with Jennifer Stone. It’s a 30 minute show on KPFA, and listening to it is my way of calming myself when something has pissed me off. Liberal, feminist, writer, creative, and a welcome relief from the mindless nonsense found on radio and television.
  11. When I’m around gay men and only gay men. It’s nice to be in those situations where you’re not a straight girl’s best gay friend or having to make sure gay men don’t make a pass at your straight friend. I wish this happened more often: gays only events.
  12. Alessio Romero and Conner Habib.
  13. Watching sometipsforlife’s videos on YT.
  14. Hole’s “Boys on the Radio” or anything by the Gin Blossoms.
  15. Mangoes.
  16. Being a smart ass.


  1. I don't know how to say this, but I feel that you are fiercely territorial when it comes to everything that has to do with "GAY MEN". I get it and I totally respect it but I cannot agree with it. I am sure to some people, you come across as heterophobic. Which I hope isn't true because all you are asking is your own gay-space! #random