Sunday, 1 August 2010


  1. Why is it when I go into the post office there’s only one person working the counter, but there’s another person who just wanders around doing absolutely nothing? So I have to wait behind the woman who can never decide what stamp she wants to put on one envelope. The post office wants to cut back delivery days, raise prices, but they’re perfectly fine with making sure no one wants to come into the post office because it takes 20 to 30 minutes to do one simple thing.
  2. Gay men who use “faggot” as a term of endearment. I know some men do it to take the sting from the word, but I find the word offensive, and no amount of reclaiming the word is going to change that. People still die over “faggot.” It should not be used lightly which brings me to
  3. People who tell me to get over something or to relax. Tell me you don’t agree. Tell me you have no opinion. Tell me you don’t have strong opinions. Don’t tell me to relax or get over it when I do have a strong opinion.
  4. People that you genuinely like and want to follow on Twitter, but who retweet tweets from people you made a decision to unfollow because you can’t stand them. And it’s not just one retweet. IT’s an all day thing. Unfollowing becomes unnecessary since you can’t escape the unfollowed’s tweets.
  5. People who insist on telling you the plot of the movie even though they know you want to watch it. When you refuse to listen, they’re extremely disappointed that they won’t be able to ruin it for you.
  6. The mailman always comes two to three minutes before I’ve finished a Netflix disc I wanted to get in the mail so I have to hurry up and get dressed so I can chase the mailman down.
  7. And the inevitable gay porn rant from me: Why is it when there’s a new hot guy in porn he’s rarely gay? He’s either straight or claims to be bi which means I’ll be inundated with pics of him having sex with women (try going to most gay porn news sites and not seeing straight sex photos) which kills any interest I may have in him. I pay for every site I belong to. I pay for every movie. I’m not into men having sex with women. Turns me off, but for some reason, most gay porn caters ONLY to those gay men turned on by straight sex. A group of people I’ve never met in real life, but they make up a large number of anonymous gay men on gay porn chat boards. And if he’s straight or bi, the gay porn stars will crazy for him. When a new performer is gay, there’s hardly a peep.
  8. Gay men who will accuse me of hating bisexuals or straight men because I want my money to support gay positive materials. Straight men and women have no problem with this. In fact, some of have encouraged me to continue this practice, but some gay men are outraged by this. Call me a separatist because I want to support gay men first.
  9. The people at the health food store who block the deli or food counters so you can’t see what is there. They’re so afraid you might see something before they get to it.
  10. 10. Every time I go to a restaurant, a mother will bring her baby, and sit in the booth/table next to mine. Sometimes the baby is good, but I spend the rest of the time waiting for the baby to scream, cry, and be an annoying flesh monster. Some places are not for babies. Don’t know why this is so difficult to understand.
  11. 11. People who don’t follow you on Twitter, but insist on DMing you so you can NEVER respond to their DM.
  12. 12. People who take food from your plate without asking. If you want to try some of my food, ask me. I’ll give you some. Don’t just grab my food without asking.
  13. 13. That I never have the same cultural references as most of the people I talk to. I’ve never watched Lost, Family Guy, True Blood (well, one episode), Jersey Shore, the housewives, and I don’t watch American Idol and Big Brother so I feel left out of many conversations.
  14. 14. That as long as I live I will never be able to watch all the movies I want to see. That depresses me.
  15. 15. Staight women at gay clubs. They get drunk and make huge fools of themselves. They hit on gay men. They try to make their straight boyfriends jealous by kissing or feeling up a gay man. They cause fights, and I’m so tired of them. There are some great straight girls, but the majority of them are a nightmare when they’re in the gay clubs. Every instance of violence at my local gay club has been caused by straight women. When we have the rare gay males only nights, there is never a fight and the police never show up. Women in gay clubs are the meanest drunks.


  1. Wow. You're very opinionated. Wish more guys thought like u.

  2. I'm in especial agreement with you apropos #9...griping & pissed something terrible at the bitches!

  3. Ditto on 2,4,and 11.All irk the shit out of me.Though,you can actually make it so you can follow a person and not see their RT's.