Thursday, 8 April 2010

Questions about using Twitter

1. Should you feel guilty about not following someone who follows you?

2. Should you feel slighted when someone responds to your tweets, but never follows you even though he/she follows a lot of people?

3. When do you know to respond or not to respond? I never know if I've responded too much or if I'm meant to respond to something I don't think needs a response.

4. How long can you let a tweet go unanswered?

5.  When do you go from a tweet to a DM?

6. If someone you know follows you, and you know they won't like a lot of the content you tweet about, do you warn them or just them follow you?

7. When is it appropriate to go over 140 characters?

8. When does flirting on Twitter become obnoxious?

9.  Do you need to acknowledge a #FF?

10. If someone never acknowledges an #FF, do you continue to include them in your #FFs?

11. Why do people use these automated systems to get new followers? Don't you want people who follow you because they are interested in what you have to say?

12.  IF someone you know unfollows you, do you ask them why?

13. Is it ever acceptable to tell someone they are tweeting too much or tweeting about nonsense and he/she needs to stop?


  1. 1. No someone might have a valid reason for not following you, or it's Ashton Kutcher
    3. Just respond it's only twitter ;-)
    4.If they tweet a 100x a day 30 minutes is Too long, an infrequent tweeter you can wait a week!
    5.DM when u feel privacy is a must ( emails & phone#) or if ur looking to hook up!
    6.Follower BEWARE check out WHO you choose to follow and they should as well!
    7.Never except Grad students they made Twitlonger for you O verbose one ;-).
    8.When the Flirtee gets sick of the Flirter!

  2. 9. It's the polite thing.
    10. For a while thenforget about em!
    11.ReAl people interact I have no time forSpambots or Lazy people!
    13.Politely and ONLY if you know them well.

    Wow 2 comments from my iPhone I am getting better LOL or I am all thumbs

  3. OK then, obviously my boyfriend needs a life. Preferibly with his boyfriend but in any case, I take it I am not to ask, or if I do, (don't tell) or do so politely. Also, since I am not Ashton Kutcher and I have never done a #FF, (whatever the hell that is,) am I now a spambot or should I have gone to DM. I am so confused.