Thursday, 1 April 2010

Gay or Bisexual (yes, I do watch bisexual films occasionally) films I recommend

Since I talk a lot about movies, I thought I'd write up some recommendations. Most of the films I watch are international so if you don't like subtitled films, best to leave now.

Gay or Bisexual (yes, I do watch bisexual films occasionally) films I recommend:

Les Chansons D'Amour: It's the story of a man's grief over a relationship ending. The film then goes in a very interesting direction. The film stars the yummy Louis Garrel as the grieving man. It's directed by Christophe Honoré who also did Ma Mere (with Huppert), Dans Paris, and Novo with the gorgeous Eduardo Noriega. The fluid sexuality depicted in the film feels realistic and never sansationalized. The characters are real and it's one of the few films where I see bisexuality taken seriously.

Presque Rien (Come Undone): Stéphane Rideau and Jérémie Elkaïm star in this film about a teeanger's first homosexual relationship. Moody music, lots of brooding, French people miserable, and hot sex scenes. My kind of film. I'm a sucker for French men in misery over tortured love affairs. Make sure to get the uncut version as the sex scenes should not be missed. Stéphane Rideau is stunningly beautiful and he's fully nude a lot for those that like that sort of thing. I'm above such carnal displays. Although he's straight, Stéphane Rideau has done a lot of gay-themed films. I recommend Sitcom, Full Speed, and The Clan/3 Dancing Slaves. He's also very good in the non-gay themed LOIN which you can get from the UK if you have a region free player.

Nighthawks and Strip Jack Naked:Nighthawks is one of the first explicit looks at a gay man's life. It charts his life through gay clubs, sex, his job as a teacher, etc. It's a very good film, and SJN is the sequel. The sex scenes are explicit for the time, but there is a lot of kissing which I like. I'm a sucker for passionate kissing. If you have a region free player, get the BFI combo release of both films. It'll be well worth it.

Un Chant D'Amour: This is a silent film by the writer Jean Genet. It's set in a prison, and it's all about longing for connection to another man. Highly sensual and suprisingly erotic for a film made in 1950. The film was not released theatrically until 1975. Genet uses a cigarette in such a sexually charged way that it almost made want to learn to smoke. Incredibly sensual film. This webpage has a review of all of the available editions, and it has images from the film where you can get an idea of how Genet uses the cigarette.

More to come. I also watch straight films (hard to imagine, I know) so I'll be writing up some recommendations later tonight.

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